Выставочные стенды. Музейное оборудование. Оформление мест продаж.
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EXPOTEC Company occupies the sector of the display business for about 20 years.

During this time, hundreds of companies appreciated the quality and the quality of the services provided of our company. The priority field we offer is the design, construction and assembly demonstration equipment of all the levels of complicity.

What we do:

- Design development of the demo- displays, project realization and finalization in Russia and abroad

- Building of exhibition stands at the International industrial trade fair INNOPROM

- Development and realization of custom made museum demo equipment

- Design and delivery of the demo stands/equipment

- Design and decoration of the vending corners

- Construction of exhibitions. Full supervision for the managements team

- Landing of presentational/demonstrational equipment: from smaller to bigger dimensioned stands.

We work every day from 09.00 to 18.00, except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Сall us

Tel/fax: +7(343)3719181, +7(343)3719068, +7(343)3594906

Write to us

mail@expotec.ru send a message

Office Manager - Irina Chernova  ev@expotec.ru

Project Manager - Vitaliy Zholudev  vital@expotec.ru  Tei.+79086310449

Project Manager - Timur Sayapov  st@expotec.ru

Project Manager - Maksim Gorbatko  37@expotec.ru

Production Department - Ivan Shaposhnik  product@expotec.ru

Transportation Department, Logistics - Aleksandr Cheremisin  auto@expotec.ru

Design - Vyacheslav Sannikov  design@expotec.ru

Electrical Division - Anton V'yuzhanin  electric@expotec.ru

Technical Director - Vadim Reshetnikov vadim@expotec.ru

Director - Elena Kravtsova  director@expotec.ru

Postal and legal address

LLC "Expotec Group"

620014, Ekaterinburg, 8 marta str., 7

Public transport stop "Square 1905"